A breaktrough on Geothermal Energ

The first months of 2016 brought us a well filled agenda with many very different AV-projects and several events throughout Europe.

AVP was already @ work in Paris, Berlin, Valenciennes, Maastricht, London, Geneva, Utrecht, Vienna etc. … 

We like to give you a small overview of the international conferences, exhibitions and events that we supported.
-At the ‘Seafood Expo 2016’ the largest Seafood exhibition in the world @ ‘Brussels Expo’, we installed not only 91 Flat-screens,
but also plenty of other audio- & IT-equipment in more than 70 exhibition-stands.
-We delivered the full  AV-support and created the set-designs for several International Conferences.
-For an event with 800 attendees @ ‘De Montil’ , we installed a dynamic set-design with action on 3 separate stages.
-A custom made backdrop and a panoramic flat-screen set-up was installed for ‘Meet U There’ during the ‘EAA’ conference. 
And many more …

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