Online Belgian Week Of Gastroenterology

Every year the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology takes over the top floor of ‘Hilton Antwerp Old Town’ hotel for their annual conference with multiple break-out rooms and a sponsor’s area in the beautiful large Belle Epoque Ballroom. This year was a little bit different, as the entire conference was organized digitally from the BWGE headquarters in Brussels. An online platform was created, where attendees could choose their own digital avatar, virtually walk through the sponsor’s area and attend the live streamed presentations in 4 different online break-out rooms.

We installed 4 separate control rooms in the clients offices in Brussels, with all necessary image switching, sound control and a remote PowerPoint and livestreaming setup. The online presenters  could control their slides from their home location and the mixed and customized images were livestreamed and integrated in to the client’s virtual platform. Next to this, a connection between live panelists in the meeting room and two operating theaters at the Erasmus Hospital were also established for the broadcast of live surgeries and medical procedures during the conference.

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