The first hybrid General Assembly in 100 years of the FEI

The Fédération Équestre Internationale, or FEI, is the world governing body for Jumping, Dressage & Para Dressage, Eventing, Driving & Para Driving, Endurance and Vaulting. The event from the 14th to the 17th of November brought all the different bodies and committees, plus the entire executive board together in Hilton Antwerp Old Town hotel.

AVP installed a 15 meter wide printed backdrop with two 4,50m x 2,50m integrated high-resolution Led-screens to display the presentations, camera-images and online speakers. The 14-meter stage was divided in two levels with large head-tables, each one with a front-panel of 9,10m wide, also printed with the FEI branding.

Our camera-crew captured the entire event, but a separate program-mix was made for the live-streaming, which is available on-demand on the FEI website.

Our team also installed all the necessary equipment for the hybrid FEI Board Meeting. Two cameras placed in a U-shaped setup captured every attendee for the online participants. Remote speakers on their turn were shown on screens placed in the middle, as if they were present in the room. 

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