Medical and audio-visual combined in live surgeries, the best of two worlds

Medtronic’s International Advanced Valve Repair Symposium’ took place on the 7th & 8th of April 2022. A two-way input/output connection was established between the hotel’s plenary room and Saint-Luc university hospital, good for a stable high-definition video & audio stream plus an intercom channel to communicate status updates during the event. The team inside the hospital equipped two operating rooms with camera’s, monitors and microphones to capture every angle of the operations. For the annual recurring ‘IAVRS’ symposium, the ballroom of the hotel was transformed into a magnificent stage setting, with a central high-resolution Led screen for the presentations and incoming video feed from the hospital. Our team also placed a 98inch screen to display speaker’s names, fitting effortlessly in the printed backdrop behind the podium. Additionally, our team connected screens from the hotel in the Foyer area and installed the equipment for the Wet Lab workshops in a different part of the hotel. We’re looking forward to their next edition in April 2023!

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