A front-row seat to emerging research in kidney cancer

The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) got together from the 22nd to the 24th of April in Hilton Antwerp Old Town for the International Kidney Cancer Symposium: Europe. An opportunity for physicians, researchers, academics, and industry professionals from across the region to join and exchange ideas that will direct the future of kidney cancer research and treatment in the ultimate pursuit of a cure. Our team designed and installed a 21 meter-wide stage setting in the ballroom of the hotel with parallel Led-screens, measuring in at 6×2.5 meters and towering up to 4,5 meters, installed to display the client’s content such as presentations, videos, remote speakers and the live camera feed from the room. In between the Led-screens a printed backdrop of  with the conference logo and interpanels created some depth in the stage design, and they were highlighted with led-bars in the colour of choice from the client. Our team also established a live streaming connection to the client’s platform, that hosted the poster sessions as well as the general sessions that were both accessible in-person and virtually. Whilst the general sessions were held in the main ballroom, there were also smaller meetings held in another room of the hotel, for which the team also installed a fully hybrid setup that was also livestreamed to the client’s platform. Additionally, AVP also provided the needed equipment for the foyer-area when there was an evening reception.

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