Tour & Taxis transformed for the Rural Pact Conference

The ‘Rural Pact Conference’ on the 15th & 16th June 2022, organised by DG Agri of the European Commission, saw stakeholders from every corner of the European Union to show up in one of the halls at the historic ‘Tour & Taxis’ site in Brussels.

For the occasion, our team was commissioned by event agency ‘Tipik’ to transform the empty space into a full-blown conference centre.

Firstly, our crew installed a main-stage area, complete with simultaneous translation in 12 languages and a whopping 12m x 3m Led-screen to display videos and presentations.

Situated in the same location, three separate break-out rooms had to be configured in such a way that the cacophony of the hall wouldn’t bother attendees. Wireless listening channels were opted as a solution and ensured everyone was able to follow the discussions without a headache.

© EU Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural development (DG Agri)

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