A day with P&V in Namur

A yearly appointment for us at AVP and always something to look forward to is the P&V Engagement Day. On the 21st of March the conference centre Ecolys in Namur got transformed into an award show setting. No local equipment was available, so the team had to bring all the material into the empty space. The stage needed to be large enough for the band and for when laureates received their awards, which led to the design of a double-deck stage. The team subsequently installed projection, lighting, sound and even pyrotechnics to set the right mood for the evening. Next to the main area, there was a space reserved for reception where signage screens were installed, as well as a soundsystem and lights to create the right atmosphere.. The band also played at the reception, on a smaller second stage.

Always a pleasure and many thanks to Sigrid for the continuous trust in AVP.

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