A festival to raise interest in the medical profession

The university hospital CHU in Liège has been the stage of the ‘Image et Santé’ festival since it’s inauguration some 30 years ago. . It takes place for an entire week around the city, and aims to combine medical and audio-visual screenings to raise interest in the medical profession, especially for young students. AVP has been a long-term partner of the festival, and was commissioned to provide the technical expertise of capturing and broadcasting over 30 live surgeries to both an online and in-person audience. A two-way audio & video connection had to be installed between the 11 operating rooms and the platform in the main hall of the hospital, so the presenter of the festival could easily intervene, switch between the different operations and ask questions to the surgeons. There was also a communication channel between the different AV-operators in the hospital. The team installed their technical desk in the middle of the operation quarters, adjacent to the operating rooms. The camera feed, together with sound, medical images and return-screens were mixed together in the control room to the final result that was broadcasted online, as well as to an audience following the proceedings from the university’s auditorium. AVP would like to thank the CHU de Liège, and the organisers of the festival for trusting us with this kind of job. See you in two years for the next edition!

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