40th GEEW

The Gastroenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop, also called GEEW, is an educational  initiative by the Erasme ULB Hospital in Brussels.

With it’s inauguration in 1982, and with 40 editions behind the belt, the course is widely recognized as one of the leading workshops in the field, with live demonstrations in the operating quarters being the pinnacle of the extensive learning program.

AVP has been a proud partner and AV-provider of the 3-day workshop for many years. And during those years, as the technical challenges related to the project grew bigger and bigger, our team also gained new insights in the field of data transmission.

We’ve made investments in dedicated hardware solutions to establish multiple low-latency connections for video and audio, transmitted over the Internet Protocol. This means that a large auditorium full of students is able to follow the proceedings in the operating quarters through multiple video-feeds and they are able to communicate in real-time with the surgeons.

This drastically changed the game as the courses got more interactive, and thus also more attractive for attendees.

The formula for the enormous workshop has since then evolved into a new series of events to be held 2 or 3 times a year, with each one dedicated to one field in Endoscopy. The new FOCUS GEEW will see exactly the same challenge as the previous editions, namely to establish a low-latency connection between hospital and venue, and will downsize mainly in the number of live interventions being held simultaneously in the operating chambers.

The team is looking forward to the next GEEW challenge in 2024!

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