Chemical Convention in Bratislava

The Chemical Convention is a highly renowned conference where stakeholders and representatives from the European chemical industry come together to discuss the newest innovations in the field and the latest challenges the sector is facing in the following years.

The conference is equally highlighted in the AVP-schedule. Not only because it’s a possibility for us to go abroad or to be able to work in special venues such as the beautiful Metropole Hotel in Brussels, it’s also a real pleasure to work with Meet U There, that co-organizes the event since many years.

For the 2023 edition, our team was invited to Bratislava, Slowakia where the Grand Hotel River Park, just a stones throw away from the Danube river, set the scene for three days of highly anticipated presentations, keynotes and roundtable discussions.

Our team installed a backdrop in the main ballroom, measuring in at 14m wide and 3,60m tall, with left and right projection screens included in the printed canvas. Adequate loudspeakers, microphones, a video switcher and equipment for remote connections ensured a smooth show-flow throughout the event, with great guidance by the CEFIC-team.

A second room served as a smaller meeting space, where our team installed delegate microphones in a U-shape setting together with comfort monitors and video conference equipment to let remote speakers participate as if they were physically part of the meeting.

After three days of fun it was time to load up the truck and head back home for the 1200km journey back to Antwerp. With great success!

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