We connect anyone from anywhere, without any latency.

AVP invests heavily in providing dedicated technical solutions for certain clients’ needs. Our team of professionals is constantly scanning the market for the best possible results and implementation into an event set-up.

IP based connections can drastically improve the way an event is run. As physical distance has proven to be negligible to host an event properly nowadays, the need for less and less latency and better image quality has also taken the market a step forward. Certainly in specific situations, such as simultaneous interpretation where the interpreters are not able to work in the same venue, the demand for these sorts of connections is indispensable. A perfect example is the Global Gateway Forum, where our team connected multiple venues across Brussels for the transmission of real-time interpretation in multiple languages without delay.

The true incentive of providing these kinds of connections stems from our years of expertise in the medical field. Much like working as a doctor in the operating quarters, the margin for error has to be minimized and the precision of execution is essential. This is something we strive for in every project so you can pretty much say it’s in the DNA of AVP.

For better results and higher interactivity during an occasion where there are people watching doctors perform live, the bi-directional connections require ultra-low latency and the highest quality of image because of the precise nature of the subject. Every movement has to be visible down to the smallest detail and any delay in the feed, not in seconds but milliseconds, will prevent the viewers from interacting in real-time with the doctors.

At the GEEW, the already complicated network of connections inside the hospital have to be transmitted in real-time to an auditorium located hundreds of meters away. AVP has dedicated hardware for dealing with this problem exactly, and we are able to provide tailormade solutions for your needs.

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