A European Industry Deal

73 industry leaders spanning more than 20 industrial sectors gathered on the site of BASF, situated in the port of Antwerp, where they presented the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industry Deal to the president of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen and Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo.

Conference management agency Meet U There commissioned AVP as their trusted partner to deliver the complete audiovisual support plus conceptualisation of the meeting space inside a tent, that was erected on the BASF-site just for the occasion.

Our team designed and drew several three-dimensional plans for the oval shaped table setting inside the tent. From the meeting chairs to sofa’s for attendees, to the placement of several printed backdrops with specialized branding of the meeting, and also the stage where the official picture would be taken, as well as all the audiovisual equipment, were included in the 3-D plans and approved by the client.

Next to the main tent, our team installed a fully functioning press room plus extra audiovisual equipment in the catering area, such as overflow screens and loudspeakers, making sure every attendee could follow the proceedings from anywhere on-site.

With Belgian farmers protests in the back of their mind, the client decided to implement a back-up scenario in case the BASF-site would be compromised on the day of the event. With less than a week notice, our team flew into action and eventually installed an exact copy of the project in the Belle Epoque ballroom of the Hilton Old Town Hotel in the heart of Antwerp.

Again, we would like to express our gratitude to Meet U There for the continuous trust in our abilities, and we must say events like these are the core example where AVP can make the difference by it’s hands-on approach and years of experience.

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