Back to London after 6 years

We hopped on the train with two trucks filled with equipment and crossed the English channel to support worldsteel on their annual general assembly. The scenes were set at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel, where representatives and stakeholders from across the globe were accommodated across multiple meeting rooms during the 3-day event.

The team connected our hybrid operating system to the available LED-screens in the venue. Our technicians, inspired by the intricate wooden side-panels, made a special background image for the occasion. Online speakers and all the content were shown accordingly and images from the room were sent back into the online platform ensuring good coverage for remote participants.

Sound wise, several speakers were installed for improved intelligibility, which was essential considering simultaneous translation in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English had to be made available. All the interpreters connected via an online platform, which our crew connected to local transmitters across the room. Next to the main stage several other meeting rooms were used for smaller conventions between internal departments. AVP provided a fully hybrid solution for these meetings and assisted them throughout the three days.

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