Live surgery

To show a surgical procedure on a medical congress or training to the participants in the room, we offer several solutions.
  • A live demo of a surgical procedure by the surgent in the congress room itself, can be shown in close-up on the screen in al it’s fine details.
  • For a surgical operation live from the OR, we provide an optimal connection between the operation room(s) and the congress room or auditorium. A general image from the surgeons at the operation table and close-ups from different angles can be combined with the available medical imaging equipment (X-ray, endoscopes, MRI, ultrasound and more). The live operation can be viewed from the room in detail with live comments from the surgeon. Who can answer live questions from the audience.
  • When a specific, unique surgery cannot take place during the congress dates, we can pre-record the whole process synchronized with all the available images. During or right after the procedure the surgeon can choose which images he would like to use in an on-the-spot made compilation. This video-compilation can then be used later at the congress, training or course, with pre-recorded or live comments.

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